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Luis Guzmán arrives in Pilar in 1990 as a polo horse tamer for Alfonso Pieres. From that moment onwards he decides to continue solely in the Making and Training of polo ponies, until he gets started as an independent organization (no polo team of his own) which focuses exclusively on this activity, having more than 100 permanent horses in stableall the year round. Among his main clients are several teams that participate in the most important Open tournaments in the world. He was proud to see fourteen horses of his making in the Palermo Open 2015. His organization is located in Pilar area, 60 km away from Buenos Aires City, the very mecca of world polo.


On our Premises

On our Premises

At the client´s facilities, both in Argentina and abroad

At the client´s facilities, both in Argentina and abroad

Advice & Counceling ONLINE

Advice & Counselling ONLINE



At present we are ready to offer to any player or patron willing to play a match in Argentina all the logistics to participate in the tournaments organized by the Argentine Polo Association, as well as those which take place in the main clubs of Pilar, General Rodríguez and Open Door. In this way, he will only have to take his boots and his mallets to the field, and not worry about anything else.

Outstanding Makings

Open Dichosa - Open Roca - Open Regalona - Open Pennsylvania - Open Copetina - Open Chusmita - Machitos Patsy - Open Katrina - Incari Malagueña - Machitos Sobrina - Incari Bebota - Chapa Alplax - Incari Alfarera - Open Serie A (Gladiador)

Rentals & Sales

For those players participating in tournaments of the Spring Season 2016, Luis Guzmán Polo offers for rent and sale horses fully trained for High and Medium Handicap, all of them made in our organization. They will be available for test riding/playing as from August 10.

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