Luis Guzmán was born in Ayacucho, province of Buenos Aires, where he became interested in horse caretaking and taming. At eleven years of age he took his first steps in the craft as a junior to experienced grooms, taking care of ten polo ponies in Parque Camet, Mar del Plata.

The beginnings of his passion for the craft

At 15 he already worked as a tamer of criollo horsesand played in rodeos for sport, and while in Estancia La Elina of the Soldati family in San Miguel del Monte, he started as assistant tamer of the polo ponies of their ranch. At that moment, back in contact with polo horses, he regained the feeling of thatvital and subtle relationship with polo ponies, a feeling that he maintains and treasures till now.

After a few years, while taming polo horses for a patron in Gral. Belgrano, he met Pablo Lorente who appreciated his art and suggested that he come to Pilar as tamer for Alfonso Pieres.

The turning point in his career

Doubtless, the turning point was Alfonso Pieres. Arriving in Pilar in 1990 as his horse tamer, Luis becomes properly acquainted with polo, the polo of organization, the polo of horse in stable.

In time, Alfonso encourages Luis to buy and train his first few own horses until in the end he became totally independent.

In those days, regular polo horses were chosen from the countryside. When you spotted a horse with some possibilities for the game, you bought him, made him and sold him in a market where genetics was an issue only for high goal professionals, and embryos were not talked of yet.

The market made a 360º leap as from the concept of embryos, and genetics gained the upper hand with an unimaginable scope for everyone.

But all this genetics now close at hand demanded proper taming and excellent Making to preserve its inherent conditions.

Those in the business know that due to the large number of colts and fillies born annually, it is hard to get the necessary craftsmanship for the animal to crown his training in a field without losing his natural conditions, because that long way must be handled by very skilled people.

This balanced combination of excellence in both genetics and Making has been the strong point for Luis Guzman’s art in polo ponies, demanding his full devotion so far.

Luis Guzmán with Juan Pedro Guzmán, his elder son, who shares his father’s passion for polo and polo pony Making